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More fooling around

gordianUtopia [GU] began trolling cupricUndercover [CU]

GU: Good evening, KovAcs.
GU: I wAs wondering if I could trouble you for your connections Among the lAnd dwellers, As I know you hAve severAl. |:}
GU: I hAve A proposition for them, for An Activity thAt could be of some Amusement for us All but
GU: KovAcs.
GU: You're ignoring me.
GU: ...
GU: I hAte when you do this.
GU: Let me gu35s: mooning over your flushcrush AgAin?
GU: StAring into the empty blAckn35s of the stArl35s sky, which of course reflects the dArkn35s of your soul, And no one could possibly understAnd.

CU: THeRe aRe STaRS .][.
GU: There you Are!
GU: You reAlly shouldn't ignore people, it's inconsiderAte.

CU: Do NoT ReCaLL aSKiNG FoR THiS CoNVeRSaTioN .][.
GU: Y35, generAlly, when A conversAtion is initiAted, one of the pArti35 wAs not A mAteriAl pArticipAnt in the decision to do so.
GU: ThAt does not Absolve them of the obligAtion to be civil About it.

CU: Do NoT WaNT To TaLK To You .][.
GU: You see! ThAt's whAt I'm tAlking About, bAsic civility.
GU: You do not hAve it.

CU: DiD You HaVe a ReaSoN FoR CoNTaCTiNG Me, eHNK .][.
GU: Y35, but I'll get to thAt in A moment. Right now I Am more concerned with your continued fixAtion with the lower clAss35.
GU: Concerned/Amused.
GU: Not thAt I hAve Anything in pArticulAr Against them, you know I don't believe in judging Another's vAlue bAsed on their blood color.

CU: oF CouRSe NoT .][.
GU: But there Are prActicAl Arguments for not becoming entAngled in A quAdrAnt with them.
GU: I don't. We've discussed this.

CU: THeN WHy Do You NeeD Me To CoNTaCT THeM FoR You .][.
GU: And your continued AssAult on my sincerity in thAt regArd is hurtful. |:{
CU: SiNCeRiTy .][.
CU: aRe You eVeR HoNeST aBouT aNyTHiNG, VeiDTT .][.
GU: ...
GU: All right. You wAnt hon35ty, I cAn oblige.
GU: I will be pAinfully hon35t, And you will wish I hAd continued with my circumspect rAmbling.
GU: You, KovAcs, Are sociAlly stunted and disAgreeAble to the point thAt it will be very hArd for Anyone to find it in their heArt to pity you, ever, And As such you hAve no hope of surviving the Attentions of the dron35 sAve for A possible involvement with your mudblood mechAnic friend.
GU: Which mAk35 it very likely thAt you will eventuAlly pursue sAid involvement.
GU: And I reAlly do believe thAt you cAre for him, I do not meAn to imply thAt you would seek concupiscent relAtions for convenience.

CU: NoT. i. NoT LiKe THaT .][.
CU: NoT HaViNG THiS CoNVeRSaTioN, HN .][.
GU: But his blood will steAl him from you, And you know it.
GU: And I feAr for the sAfety of everyone Around you, when thAt hAppens.

CU: WHaT .][.
GU: I Am envisioning a bloodbAth the lik35 of which even the high courtblocks hAve never seen.
GU: A mighty rAinbow of cArnAge.
GU: And I Am trying rAther hArd to prevent thAt.

CU: ...
GU: As to the dron35, I hAve previously offered to Assist in thAt mAtter, I would never leAve A friend and fellow highblood to fAce thAt sort of situAtion Alone.
GU: Consider it. |:}

CU: DiSGuSTiNG .][.
CU: NoT FRieNDS, eHNN. DoN'T NeeD YouR PiTy .][.
GU: Fine then, we Aren't friends. But it isn't A pity thing, pAle or otherwise. I just don't wAnt to see you culled.
GU: Or bAtshit insAne twenty sweeps down the roAd, while we're on it.
GU: It's not thAt I give a grubcrAp About you, mind.
GU: It would just be a bit of a wAste in the first cAse and a m35s I don't wAnt to deAl with in the second.
GU: There, is thAt enough hon35ty for you?
GU: Or would you rAther I went bAck to the pleAsAntri35?
GU: KovAcs?

cupricUndercover [CU] has ceased trolling gordianUtopia [GU]

GU: Sigh.
GU: MAy hAve overshot thAt one somewhAt.
GU: Who will plAy this gAme with me now!
GU: Hmm...
GU: |:}

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