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I know this is a long shot, but I thought I'd throw it out there.

I'm looking for a entry-level-but-not-crappy twin lens reflex camera in good working order. Something along the lines of a Yashica-D or Yashica Mat or Super Ricohflex, with adjustable focus/shutter speed/aperture and a usably clear viewer. Also, something that takes 120 film--almost all do, but there's the odd 127 4x4 or 35mm model out there.

And I'm looking to spend about $100, shipped.

If anyone is looking to unload an old camera or knows someone who might, let me know?


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Jan. 14th, 2011 01:53 pm (UTC)
This isn't so much a helpful comment as a "squee, you are going to have SO MUCH FUN!" blub.

My recommendation would be to check ebay for an old Mamiya c33. I've got a couple, and they're real workhorses. They're also fairly easy to get fixed through a camera shop (or with darkroom tape), and are completely manual.

Good luck with your search!
Jan. 14th, 2011 03:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks! Those seem unfortunately to be more in the $200-$400 range for working models(at least on ebay), which after just spending $300 on books for the semester I can't really justify, but man they do look sweet. I might go with something cheaper for now, but I will shortlist these as the eventual step-up camera when and if I end up with a larger budget.

And, I can't waaaait until I find one, I cannot wait for the fun to begin.
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