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Relevant to your interests?

Stuck about 75% of the way through the zombie!porn, so running through a list of drabble prompts I ganked somewhere to try to tighten up my writing and also get a feel for what I'm trying to accomplish with these two. Thought this one might be of interest to people waiting for said story. I think the prompt was 'fantasies.'

There are things he doesn't ask for.

Risk is an addictive creature, all slithering opiate shivers and blood in his ears, liquid lightning in his veins. But it's called risk for a reason, and no matter how tempting it gets on nights like these, he knows how it would break Rorschach to feel even a single drop of blood, burning with iron and loss, under his tongue.

But there are still teeth at his throat, teasing the skin between huffs of cold breath – and Dan can almost feel, in these dark moments of wantneeddesire, the moment when they (never) bite down.

*coughs* Dan you kinky bastard.


May. 26th, 2009 04:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah... it's hard to get a lot across in 100 words, but it's more the idea/fantasy thing where thinking about it is the real draw; as I said to tuff up there, if it actually happened I think he'd freak out pretty immediately and not in a good way.